Marketing Consultant

Helping Adelaide businesses with marketing and design. Phone me today... I'd love to talk to you!


I work with clients in Adelaide and around the world to develop and implement effective campaigns.

Design & Branding

Drawing on years of hands-on experience, I can create your new brand, marketing material, and digital assets.

Social Media

As an Adelaide social media consultant, I am available to set up or manage your online presence. Call 0413 022 724.

Websites & Apps

We develop websites and mobile apps using a strategic approach to identifying customer needs.


Brainstorming and other creative processes are a great way to discover innovative ideas, products and services.


Mark is a co-founder of fanflick, an Adelaide startup with big plans in the social networking space. Find out more...

Adelaide Tweet

I manage Adelaide's premier twitter account: @adelaidetweet, and promote Adelaide on

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