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At Mark Gamtcheff Consulting, we define a brand as the collection of attributes that differentiate a product, service, person or organisation from others.

A brand can be made up of many elements, including but not limited to a name, a logo or trademark, a slogan, a sound or a colour. Some brands are so well established in our minds that the beliefs that we have about them become part of the brand too.

The best brands adopt a clear “position” that differentiates them from their competitors. By understanding the story behind a brand and how this appeals to the customers’ emotions, Mark Gamtcheff Consulting can use good design practice to develop a brand that builds reputation, conveys quality, and increases desire.

We use a brand development process that has key stages which lead to a successful outcome for our clients:

  • Explore – use research to understand the product or service, the market and competitors
  • Innovate – identify insights that can unlock key attributes for the new brand
  • Create – explore how words and images can convey the brand’s essence
  • Refine – mould the creative concepts into a designed solution that works
  • Expose – unleash the new brand, and maximise exposure to the target market

We’ll be including examples of our design work here very soon! In the meantime you can see some of our branding work on Behance!

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