Websites & Apps

With a proven track record of developing websites for many Adelaide businesses, both as a web design consultant and with personal experience as an account manager at one of Adelaide’s leading web development firms, I can coordinate your next web project.

Baker Marketing can develop a strategic plan for your online presence, and create a digital marketing tool that can help you succeed by delivering what your business’s customers need. Depending on your business, an effective online presence should:

  • Help potential customers find you easily
  • Allow your customers to understand the value you offer
  • Clearly communicate your brand, your mission and vision
  • Sell products with a minimum of “friction”
  • Encourage repeat business and referrals
  • Allow for frequent updates to content
  • Link to integrated social media platforms.

As a Senior Marketing Consultant at Baker Marketing, I can personally conduct a creative planning workshop with key members of your team, leading to the creation of a strategic document which can lead to a detailed quotation of your project.

We can also help you with a mobile app that is focused on providing a service that the user actually needs. We can analyse whether a mobile app is indeed what your business requires, and discover how an app could deliver return on investment.

Call Mark Gamtcheff in Adelaide on 0413 022 724.

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