Blogs for Personal Branding

If you’re serious about promoting yourself and your personal brand, you should launch a blog! It’s the perfect place to publish original content that shows your perspective on important topics that interest you and your network. It’s also a way to provide summaries and links to other online content, with the opportunity to inject your own insights.

We realise for those who are not that tech-savvy, setting up a blog isn’t always easy, so Mark Gamtcheff Consulting offers a setup service to get novice Adelaide bloggers started!

A blog is a great way to reinforce your personal brand and position yourself as an expert in your field. A blog will also help you expand your network beyond your work colleagues, position you as a thought leader in the business community, and demonstrate your expertise on key topics. It also shows that you can write and communicate, vital skills in business and personal life.

Steps to Setting Up a Blog

The steps to follow when setting up a blog sound straightforward, but we’re here to help you and make it even easier!

  • Pick a blogging platform: We recommend WordPress!
  • Select a blog template that suits you and your area of expertise
  • Choose and register an effective personal domain web address (URL)
  • Seed the blog with information and some content
  • Connect to your social networks
  • Plan what you’ll post and when you’ll post it
  • Start blogging
  • Monitor and respond to comments
  • Track blog traffic and watch it grow!

What Should You Write About on Your Blog?

Deciding what to write about on you blog is probably the most daunting task for any inexperienced blogger.

Mark Gamtcheff Consulting recommends that your identify the niche that you’re an expert in and focus on that. If you’re an economist, don’t write about all the diverse aspects of the economy, focus on your expertise in macro-economic reform, or the economics of the property market. Of course you can write about various aspects of the topic, and being focused allows you to delve deeply into the subject matter.

Finding Ideas for Blog Posts

Coming up with for blog posts can be difficult too! Try scanning newspapers and trade journals for ideas. Ask your readers or followers on social media what they’d like you to write about. There are a few key types of blog posts that might help you get started:

  • Make a list: People love lists and links to lists on social media are very “clickable”
  • Think about putting a personal slant on a professional issue
  • Post about your opinion on a subject and don’t be afraid to be controversial
  • Post Information and instructions to help your readers
  • Post the latest news on your key subject or a related issue
  • Review and compare products or services.

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