Enterprise Social Networking breaks down corporate silos

Enterprise Social Networking

For an article entitled “Goodbye silos: how social media is revolutionising business communication” on Lenovo’s Think FWD website, fellow Adelaide social media consultant Michelle Prak and I provided our views on how businesses can benefit from the use of enterprise social network (ESN) tools such as Yammer, Salesforce’s Chatter and Jive.

In the article, I explain that…

 “[ESN can] build a sense of community and break down silos that are fostered by traditional departmental structures and hierarchies. Employees who play together also tend to stay together. There’s evidence that ESN can increase staff retention and productivity.”

While Michelle Prak points out that how ESN is introduced is key:

“If it’s not introduced well, it can appear like another layer of work for your staff, or ‘another inbox’ they have to check. It could make them reluctant to participate for fear of looking silly or like they’re wasting time.”

Large companies have the necessary scale to benefit most from the various ESN platforms, and they have the financial resources and IT expertise to support their implementation. But at Mark Gamtcheff Consulting we believe that ESN isn’t a solution to all the problems that can plague a corporate culture. It needs to be place where real work is undertaken. A place where knowledge isn’t power, sharing is. It can be a tool for achieving cultural change, but a company has to have the desire for that change to take place.

Read the full article and let us know what you think in the comments here. We’d love to hear about your experiences with using or implementing ESN!

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