Social Media Workshops

A social media workshop is a great way to take your training to the next level by getting hands-on experience supervised by an experienced social media consultant.

Whether you have a particular social network you want help with or a more general workshop of various platforms, Baker Marketing can tailor a workshop to your specific needs, but examples of workshop topics include:

Start Social Media Marketing Today!

Ready to start using social media to market your business but don’t know where to start? Mark Gamtcheff Consulting can present a practical one-day workshop that will give you a solid foundation in social media marketing, and get you up and running with a Facebook page, Twitter accounts and blog that you will create during the workshop. If you have existing social media accounts, but want to create new accounts for a particular campaign, we can tailor the workshop to give you the confidence to get started right away.

Managing Social Media in Your Business

While many organisations now use some form of social media, many lack the strategies, procedures and policies  to make their social media operate effectively. By combining presentations, discussions and hands-on activities, this workshop will provide managers and staff with the tools to employ social media with confidence.

Start Blogging Now

Because blogging powers the content needed to engage people on social networks and drive traffic to your website, is the arguably an essential starting point for your online marketing. Our practical one-day workshop covers the setting up a blog, how to use a blog strategically for your business, what to post, and how to manage the workload.

Training materials to kick-start your campaign

Workshops include handouts, and links to online resources.

More information coming soon!

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