Social Media


Social Media is one of my specialities as a Senior Marketing Consultant at Baker Marketing, I can offer a wide range of social media management services to meet the needs of your business. Whether you are in Adelaide, somewhere else in Australia, or anywhere in the world, I can help with:

  • Targeted and timed updates to integrated accounts
  • Social media marketing plans and campaign planning
  • New account setup, including brand implementation
  • Integration of multiple networks and websites
  • Content planning and content calendars
  • Account monitoring and community management
  • Crisis management and campaign re-activation
  • Social media tips and advice when need them.

Why to consider social media marketing

Social media allows for dynamic conversations between consumers, and between consumers and organisations. If you’ve been using conventional marketing and advertising tactics, but haven’t taken a strategic approach to digital marketing, we can help you get started. And once we’ve put you on the right track, there’s no reason why you can’t do it yourself, with a little help from Baker Marketing along the way!

To be successful in social media, it’s time for brands, whether they’re small businesses or large organisations, to change the way they think about marketing. Old school campaigns aren’t enough any more. Consumers expect stories that capture their imagination. And have conversations with brands that are genuine and meaningful.

While a detailed social media marketing plan may not be required for many smaller businesses, it’s still important to consider how social media integrates with other marketing efforts.

I can also help you develop your personal brand, and cement your reputation online. A key way of acheiving that is helping you set up a blog (Baker Marketing recommends WordPress for that) and related social media accounts.

Call Mark Gamtcheff in Adelaide on 0413 022 724.